House Rules

Charc creation: 27 point buy with no stat higher then 15 or lower than 8 before racial modifier.

HP: Max at 1st level. During level up roll once, pick what you rolled + con mod or Listed average + con mod.

Alignment: Any non evil. Most likely going with the no alignment style.

Classes: Any from PHB, Exceptions made on case by case basis.

Races: Any PHB races, will update if other races become an option.

Character death: If the death is due to natural course of game and player wants to make a new character then the party is able to recover items off of the body if they have access to the body. If death is due to someone wanting to kill their character off or if the character retires the items are not recoverable.

New Characters: Any new characters due to death, retirement or new players will start off 2 levels lower then the party average and at least 1 level lower then the lowest level PC.

DRAMA: If some PC’s have some inner party issues and both are ok with it, then it can fly. If it starts to drag the game down or turns encounters into arguments then the PCs need to work it out, figure out which character does not fit with the group and retire, or both retire. See New Characters rule for retired characters. If a character retires due to drama then the new character needs to be a different class and race.

House Rules

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