Here are some optional Backgrounds. They take nothing away from the backgrounds in the PHB while adding more to them. You are only able to pick these backgrounds during initial character creation. After first day of play these are no longer an option. Under each is a list of PHB backgrounds to pick from. You get all the benefits of those, with very few exceptions. You also pick your Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws from the listed ones in the PHB. For now they will be general information that will be updated as I flesh out my brand new world.

Necromancer Only 1 person may select this background.
Want to play a necromancer? This will be the only background you can pick to do so. It is somewhat restrictive but I wanted to allow it for once under some control. Be forewarned, though I am allowing it this game, any abuse will be struck down without mercy. See death/retiring rules for what comes after being struck down. Treat as if you got your character killed off on purpose. (Chris K wants this one)

Royalty Only 1 person may select this background.
Want to be part of the ruling family? Want to have all the perks of being royalty without most of the obligations? How about being 8th in line for the crown and loved by most of the people? Check out this background. (Gavin has expressed interest in this background)

Cato No limit
Playing a Dwarf and want the benefits of being related to one of the council members. Have a interest in Clay, Stone and/or even Iron production? Become a member of a good hard working family that is well known and respected throughout Solas.

Security Only 1
Kicked out of the military and looking to start a private security company. You start out with animosity with someone with power and in search of a backer. (Lou’s background choice.)

Wall Fodder Only 1
You were sentenced to death by wall. Someone took pity on you and spared your life. You are now in debt to this person. A obligation must be met, either moral or monetary. (Chris M.’s background)


Dead Man's Wall KennethMcmillan