King Alaric Honorius

King Of Solas.


The current King of Solas. Alaric is a Half Elf that is 90 years old. He became King after his brother died during a uprising 50 years ago. His wife died prior to the uprising and Alaric never remarried, despite concerns from the council about a Heir. The issue was never pushed to hard due to the fact that Alaric has several cousins and a clear line of succession. Alaric has mostly been loved by the people and the council. Recent events has caused for a increase in strict punishment for minor crimes. Though there is grumbling from some of the people, most are to afraid of the wall falling to protest to loudly. The council had a lot to do with the increase in death penalty and would not voice anything against the law until the peoples anger increases to a point that their positions would be in trouble.


King Alaric Honorius

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